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The 24 Red Bull Skate Arcade World Finalists are locked in!

Skateboarders from 23 countries will compete at the World Final of an amateur skate street championship


After two months of online phase, the 24 finalists of Red Bull Skate Arcade, amateur skate street championship, were defined. They will compete for the world title at the IAPI Skate Plaza, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on November 5th.


All of them had to complete the online phase to win a spot at the World Final. Since July, the eight levels were unlocked week by week. One trick was unlocked every Monday, so the competitors could film their very own versions of the tricks and make the upload on the event’s website. The videos were judged based on originality, style and execution.


Now that the finalists are defined, skateboarders from 23 countries will start to pack their bags and train to show their best in Brazil. And they are already looking forward to the world final.


“I am super excited! Definitely a little bit nervous because I know I'll be flying somewhere that I've never been with no one that I know, but still excited! I have a fair share of unique tricks to show during the world final”, told Garrett Ginner, from US.


“I must confess that I cried when I received the news about being a finalist. I’ve never been abroad, so, more than win, I hope to make new friends and make my way to a great skateboarding career”, said David Fernandez, from Guatemala.


“This is a great opportunity to be part of a great championship, show my skateboarding, meet new people and represent my country. All I want is to skate and have fun”, commented the brazilian Izael Miranda.


On total, the 24 best skateboarders, from 23 different countries, got the chance to be in the World Final in Porto Alegre, Brazil, on November 5th, to chase Red Bull Skate Arcade 2016 world title. Countries like United States, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Russia and others are among the participants.


Check out the Red Bull Skate Arcade 2016 finalists:


João Pedro Oliveira (Brazil)

John Bejarano (Colombia)

Garrett Ginner (USA)

Hazel Pichardo (Mexico)

Juan Ignacio Menicucci (Argentina)

Victor Orozco (Chile)

Juan Peña (Venezuela)

Angelo Caro (Peru)

Marcel Rieger (Austria)

Adrian Hirt (Germany)

Douwe Macaré (Netherlands)

Christian Estrada (Spain)

Roy Acosta (Costa Rica)

Pavel Mushkin (Russia)

Chris Khan (Slovenia)

David Fernández (Guatemala)

Luis Aponte (Panama)

Tim Prozorov (Estonia)

Albert Aguirre Mejia (El Salvador)

Jorge Simões (Portugal)

Dominik Jaworowski (Poland)

Andrey Ryzhov (Ukraine)

Karel Jansses (Belgium)

Izael Miranda (Brazil)