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IAPI Skate Plaza: an historical location for skaters

Porto Alegre has its importance in developing international known skaters as Luan de Oliveira, Carlos Iqui and Dwayne Fagundes, that were born and raised in the streets and skate plazas of the city. 


“The scene in Porto Alegre is one of the most actives in Brazil. On top of having great public spots, the city also has a lot of nice private places that end up turning the city in a touristic place for skaters”, explains Cezar Gordo, one of the most recognized skaters in the city and a centerpiece in the development of the scene in the city. 


Gordo is one of the creators of IAPI Skate Plaza, launched in 2001, when the skateboarding reached his peak in the city and athletes were looking for some other spots besides the traditional Praça da Matriz. Actually, the place is considered the biggest and best skate spot in the region, with different types of obstacles like banks and mini ramps, being an excellent spot to both amateurs and professionals skateboarders. 


“It was a blowout moment not only for Porto Alegre, but for the country as a whole. The city quickly became reference for the sport, mainly among the new generation. On that time, the place was a one of a kind and a dream for many skaters. A lot of people started skating and good skaters were discovered there”, he adds.